Music Program for Individuals with Special Needs



The opportunity to learn musical skills provides everyone with the opportunity to develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills, as well as, new strategies to communicate and interact with others. Children and Adults with special needs are no different. One of the most stimulating and enriching skill sets is the ability to enjoy, interact, and create melodious sounds. 


Fortissimo Music Academy has endeavored to launch a pilot music program designed for individuals with special needs. With Montreal based songwriter, recording artist, and special needs educator, Andrew Sisk, as the first instructor, we will be accepting students immediately.


The pilot program involves 6 classes every 2nd Saturday between Oct. 5th and Dec. 14th 2019. Registration for the program is $210 and includes one on one instruction for the entire 30 minute lesson.


Each 30 minute music lesson involves:

  1. Sensory Warm-Up (5 min) - Body movement, gradual exposure to sound, a musical activity involving singing and movement.
  2.  Instruction on a Musical Concept (20 min) - The instructor will base this portion on the needs, interests, and abilities of each student, however, will be the portion of the class where the student is learning and exploring a musical concept, such as: Rhythm, Tempo, Melody, Pitch, Harmony, Coordination, Volume, Tone, etc.)
  3.  Evaluation of skills through performance activity (5 min) - The student will then be given the opportunity to use the new skills acquired and will be observed by the teacher to decide the direction of the next lesson.