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Fortissimo Academy Music and art teachers in Côte Saint-Luc


Svetlana Klempner

 Svetlana Klempner is a native of Kharkov, Ukraine, where she completed her BA in Piano Pedagogy and Accompanist at the Kharkov Music College. In 1984 she earned her Master’s degree in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy under Professor L.I. Lazovaya. Between 1990 and 1998 she lived and taught in Israel. In 1998 after moving to Canada Svetlana continued her studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) under Professor Pierre Jasmin, specializing in Piano Performance. Shortly after she founded a private piano studio, which would later become Music Academy Fortissimo. Svetlana is the winner of the Grand Prix at the prestigious Young Performers Competition in Tashkent, 1973 and the winner of the Concerto Competition at UQAM, 2003. 

At Fortissimo Ms. Klempner teaches piano. 


Julia Gavrilova

Julia Gavrilova was born in Russia and made her debut at the age of five. She studied in Moscow Gnessin Institute of Music with Theodor Gutmann and Eugene Liberman, where she graduated with a Master in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy. After moving to Canada in 1991 she continued her music studies at McGill University under Professor Marina Mdivani and obtained her doctorate in Piano Performance. Julia Gavrilova specializes in chamber music and collaborative piano repertoire and appears in concerts as soloist and accompanist. Her playing represents the Russian piano school tradition, going back to Nicolas Rubinstein and Heinrich Neuhaus.Ms. Gavrilova currently teaches piano and piano ensemble classes at the Schulich School of Music and Conservatory of Music at The McGill University. Since 2009 she also holds a principal piano teaching position at Vanier College. 

At Fortissimo Ms. Gavrilova teaches piano and Piano Ensemble. 


Svetlana Pailler

Svetlana Pailler-Melkostupova is a choral conductor and mezzo-soprano, a graduate of the Vladivostok Conservatory of Music, Russia. In 1996 Svetlana became Music Director and Conductor of the Billings Symphony Youth Choral in Billings, Montana. In 2000 her reputation as top-class Choral Conductor followed her to New Hampshire where she became the Founder and Music Director of the NH Choral Academy in Manchester, NH. In 2006 Ms. Pailler was offered a position of the Director of Children’s Choir at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA where she continues to teach presently. 

At Fortissimo Ms. Pailler teaches many pre-school programs, as well as piano and voice. 

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Karen Manucharyan


Karen Manucharyan studied violin in Yerevan Central Musical Special school and continued his edication at Moscow Tchaikovsky conservatory where he graduated in 1989 with a Master in conducting and saxophone.

In 1993 he completed PhD(specialization: opera- symphonic conducting and violin) at Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan.

Between 1994 and 2004 Karen worked as Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Armenia. 

He also worked (from 1991 till 2015) in Yerevan Central Musical Special school  and Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan .

In 2005 he founded Association of Young Saxophonists of Republic of Armenia and served as her chairperson until 2014.

His students were awarded at numerous international comptetions.

He immigrated to Canada in 2015 and works since 2015 in Fortissimo Academy of Music and Arts (Montreal) as violin and saxophone teacher and he is also head of the Fortissimo orchestra. 


Luciné Chaglassian-Balikian

Luciné Chaglassian-Balikian, born in Yerevan, Armenia is a graduate of the Komitas State Conservatory with a Masters degree and a specialization in Violin Teaching at All Levels and Soloist in Violin Playing for Chamber Orchestras. Luciné moved to Montreal in 1986 and further pursued her teaching career at the McGill Conservatory of Music. In her teaching methodology Luciné uses a special approach to children with attention deficit and other related problems. 

At Fortissimo Ms. Balikian teaches violin. 


Nataliia Osypchuk

Nataliia Osypchuk, musicologist, teacher, pianist, accompanist, arranger. Nataliia received her musical training in Ukraine. 1992-1996 she completed with honors her BA in Piano Performance, Piano pedagogy and Musicology at the Lugansk State College of Music. 1999-2004 she earned with honors Master’s degree in Musicology at Donetsk State Music Academy named after S. S. Prokofiev. In 2011 Nataliia defended her thesis and in 2013 was awarded the academic degree of Ph.D. in Art Studies in the specialty of Musical Art at the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P. I. Tchaikovsky in Kiev. Nataliia’s working experience in Ukraine had lasted for 18 years. 

From 2015, Nataliia Osypchuk teaches music theory and piano at Fortissimo. 

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Margarita Weber

Margarita Weber, born in Frunze Kirgiztan, started to discover the beautiful world of music at the age of five. In 1985, Margarita completed with honors her BA in Piano Pedagogy and Accompanist. Margarita participated in multiple prestigious competitions. In 1983 she received first place at the “Asia’s Young Pianists” competition which was held in memory of S. Rachmaninov. In 1985, she won the "R. Schubert's Piano Secrets" competition. In 1988 Margarita accepted first place in the "Young Performers” competition, in Vilna. In 1990, Margarita earned with honors her Master's degree in Piano Perfomance, Piano Pedagogy, Soloist in Chamber Orchestra and Accompanist. In 1993, she moved to Montreal and pursued her teaching and performing carrier at the "National Academy of Music" (1993- 2004). 

At Fortissimo Mrs. Weber teaches piano. 


Marineh Ekizyan

Marineh Ekizyan is a musicologist, teacher of theoretical disciplines; pianist, accompanist, chamber ensemble artist. During 9 years of her higher education at the Yerevan State Conservatory she obtained 2 Bachelor’s degrees in musicology and performing art.

In total, Marine has 20 years of studies in music and was honoured with awards of excellence. After her college studies she already started to work as a teacher of music theory and ear training at music school. At the same time, she was actively involved in the art of interpretation. For two years she worked as the pianist for the AYG piano quartet and 5 years as singer in the Yerevan Chamber Choir, with which she participated in numerous concerts and recordings in Armenia and in Europe. Since 2004, as a musicologist, Marine creates and edits scores for printing in collaboration with 4 German music publishing houses.

At the Fortissimo Academy Marine is employed as a teacher of preschool ear training programs, as well as piano and theory teacher, where she continues to share her passion for and her knowledge of music.



Ella Wilhelm

Ella Wilhelm a mezzo soprano was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She began her piano studies at the age of five. Later she studied at Vilnius Conservatory in Choir Conducting Department where she had numerous concerts as choir singer. After moving to Israel in 2000 Ella Wilhelm started her studies as a mezzo soprano singer in Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She obtained her Master's Degree in 2006. During her studies she twice won a prestigious AICF scholarship. Ella Wilhelm worked in Tel-Aviv Opera Choir. In 2005 she began her career as a soloist in numerous projects with ensembles, choirs and orchestras in Israel and abroad. Her repertory includes compositions by C. Monteverdi, J.S. Bach, G.P. Telemann, H. Purcell, A. Vivaldi, R. Schumann, M. Ravel, A. Copland and others. Since 2005 Ella Wilhelm became a voice teacher in Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem and 'Ankor' Choir, where she taught till she arrived to Monreal. Recently she continues her studies on Master's Degree at the McGill University and she is Cummings Choir musical director. 

At Fortissimo, Ms. Ella Wilhelm teaches voice and piano.

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Janna Miklin


Janna Miklin is a piano teacher and accompanist with over 40 years of experience. Graduated from St Peterbourgh Conservatory Janna worked with various instruments and vocalists, with opera performers and soloists. Later, when her family moved to Israel Janna continued her work with soloists and opera as well as accompanying at Keshet Eilon master series. In 2014 Janna moved to Montreal.  
At Fortissimo Mrs. Janna Miklin teaches piano.  


Angelique Mbemba


Angelique Mbemba received her Master's degree in 2001 in teaching classical and modern arts from Katanov State University of Khakassia.

She continued her education in teaching of fine arts in Moscow State University until 2004.

She joined Fortissimo in 2014 and currently teaches fine arts.